Suhaimi Bin Zakaria | Executive Director/Technical and Engineering Director

Suhaimi Bin Zakaria, aged 47, He has more than 20 years experience handling projects, marketing also manufacturing and technical in electrical industry in Malaysia. He started his career with Toprank Corporation Sdn Bhd early 90’s as project coordinator which consist of all aspect of commercial development for Toprank Corporation until they tied up with Xian Electric. Since then he became one of the pioneer to witness manufacturing Switchgear SNS from India. After awhile, in 1995, he joined Kumpulan Pinang Usahasama Imbas Setia Sdn Bhd (KPUIS) for managing a project in Pulau Pinang. He did completed the project and at the same time he pursue his study in UTM for Degree in Mechanical Engineering Electronic. In 2001, he joined Arab Malaysia SGB Sdn Bhd also known as AMSGB Sdn Bhd which is they manufactured medium voltage transformer until 2007. After getting all the knowledge and experience, in 2007 he joins HHI Power Sdn Bhd to lead the technical and sales team to move forward for more organize and strong team. In 2009 he is one of the shareholder and also director in TLT Power Sdn Bhd also known as HHI Power Sdn Bhd. He holds Diploma in Electrical Engineering Power and Degree in Electrical Power (Hons)